Friday, April 15, 2022

Spring Fling Veggies

                                   Spring is a wonderland for foodies who love to cook vegetables 

We’re less than a month into Spring and already farmers’ markets in southern Cali are brimming with a glorious cornucopia featuring every color of the rainbow:  carrots in yellows, reds & oranges;  verdant lettuces in boundless shades of green; cucumbers ranging from white and yellow to almost ebony;  pencil thin green asparagus at one stand juxtaposed with colossal versions in brilliant purple or white at the next vendor;  and a cacophony of fresh herbs ranging the entire green spectrum…dill, tarragon, mint, parsley, chives, lemongrass and cilantro.

To honor this splendid bounty of produce, this blog includes my homage in the form of cherished Spring recipes.  Two come from France, one from Italy, and yet another from the good old USA.

                                 Spring mint is available in every shape, size. color & smell

Fresh Peas with Lettuce & Mint:

I particularly like this version of this French classic as the peas are actually cooked in a small amount of cream.  This results in a more flavor-chocked dish:


Roasted Radishes:

In this recipe French-inspired recipe, I suggest you utilize a variety of different colored radishes (making sure, however, they are all roughly the same size.)  Also I recommend replacing the onion powder with fresh spring pearl onions, and the garlic powder with Spring’s lusciously gentle garlic.


                                     The eternal city's signature dish is an eternal delight

Spinach alla Romana:

This traditional dish from Rome is essentially a simple stir fry, but the raisins and pine nuts catapult it into something far from simple.   I recommend two changes:  use only olive oil, and then a gentle spritz of a good balsamic at the end of cooking.


Grilled Carrots with Mint and Avocado:

We use a combination of different colored carrots in this recipe from Bon Appetit.   The dish is absolutely divine and pairs beautifully with poultry, seafood or pork.

Happy Spring Fling!

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