Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Prosecco, Pear Vodka & St Germain

                                    This quickly assembled cocktail is perfect for a summer's eve

This is the final article in a trio on enticing summer cocktails.   I serve this one typically in a Champagne flute, however, the drink could be served in a chilled martini glass.  On the other hand, if the weather is really warm you may want to consider serving it in a highball glass with ice and perhaps a splash of sparkling water (imbibing any high alcohol drink too quickly is not a good idea so serving it with ice & water is a prudent idea on a hot summer’s day).

                               St Germain boasts floral flavors laced with tropical fruits

No doubt everyone knows the first two ingredients listed in the title of this article.  For those who don’t know St. Germain liqueur, you should know it.  An uber fragrant floral liqueur made from the tiny elderflowers, St. Germain’s Art-Deco bottle alone is worth the price of admission.   (St. Germain is not a one-trick-pony as it can also be used to add a very special je ne sais quoi flavor to desserts.)


The drink is super easy to make (we’re talking 4 ingredients).  It’s all about ratio’s.  Here’s the recipe I use for the Champagne flute/martini glass version.  


2 oz chilled Prosecco (or any other dry sparkling wine)

1 oz chilled Pear Vodka

1/2 oz chilled St Germain

Artful twist of lemon (or thinly sliced piece of a pear)


Poor, stir gently, top with twist of lemon and voila!


Happy summer….

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Limoncello Spitz

                           Thyme & blueberries add the perfect note to this summer spritz

This is the second article in July on summer cocktails.   Summer is here and with it comes a profusion of lemons & blueberries, as well as a garden full of thyme in our San Diego area home.  My thought is when life serves you up a bounty of lemons, why not make limoncello?   So, that’s exactly what I did.   If you don’t wish to make the ever-so-easy limoncello (recipes online), buy a bottle and make yourself a cooling summer spritz as follows.


Serves 5-6

Add the following to a glass pitcher and stir:

    ~ 1 bottle cold Prosecco

    ~ 1 cup limoncello (from the freezer)

    ~ ½ - 1 cup cold sparkling water (start with ½ cup & taste)


Fill clear glasses with ice (so that guests can see the beautiful colors), then pour in the contents of the above mixture.  Garnish with blueberries, sprigs of thyme (or basil), and thin slices of lemon.   If you really want to have a show-stopper and you own a dehydrator, add a dehydrated slice of lemon (dehydrating really intensifies the lemon flavor).


Monday, July 3, 2023

A Devilish Cocktail for Red Hot July

                                      El Diablo (the devil), is the perfect libation for the 4th 

The month of July this blog is being devoted to hot weather cocktails.  Speak of the Devil, I’ve got a great summer libation to lower your temperature.  Trader Vic, once famous for his elite chain of upmarket Polynesian-themed restaurants ( no relation to Trader Joe), was known as the inventor of the legendary Mai Tai.  Trader Vic is also said to have concocted the recipe for the deadly Scorpion and more genteel Fog Cutter.   “El Diablo,” however, may be one of his best drinks.   El Diablo, devil in Spanish, could be described as the love-child between a margarita and a tropical ginger-based drink.

El Diablo is refreshing, but like all cocktails, shouldn’t be imbibed too quickly as there are three sources of liquor in this devil.   In addition to Tequila, there’s also a liqueur (while the original recipe calls for Crème de Cassis, I use Chambord), and  ginger beer.   If it’s really hot outside, one can bag the ginger beer and substitute ginger ale, however, you’ll need to adjust the lime juice as many ginger ales are sweet.

Here’s the original recipe for this more-heaven-than-hell summer drink.  I serve it in a tall glass packed with ice, and then top it with a thin slice of ginger and wedges of lime.

Per Serving:

      2 oz Tequila

      1/2 oz Lime juice  (3/4 oz if using ginger ale)

      1/2 oz Creme de Cassis (can substitute Chambord for a more elegant rendition)

      3-4 oz Ginger beer (or ginger ale)

Have a develish summer!