Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Super <$10 Wine for Spicy Asian Food

Some of you must be saying “<$10---your’re joking right?”   Believe me, Fetzer’s Gewurztraminer is no joke.  And, at less than $10, it’s one of the best buys I know.  Moreover, it’s widely available in many supermarkets and Bev-Mo.

Many folks avoid Gewurztraminers (some because they can’t pronounce the name---others because it’s not been paired with the appropriate food.)  First, this glorious, highly perfumed grape is pronounced  guh-vurts-tra-mee-nur.  Second, although bone dry in France’s Alsace district, the wine in Germany is most often made into a sweet wine.  Fetzer’s version has just enough sugar to make it work beautifully with Asian food as the small amount of sugar helps tame the spices and heat.

Gewurztraminer is a treasure trove of lucious apricot, pear and honey aromas and flavors, mixed with floral notes such as roses and gardenia;  there's also cinnamon and/or clove typically in the taste.  Fetzer’s version throws in some pineapple and ginger nuances, perfect for most spicy Asian cuisine.  (BTW…Gewurtz means “spicy” in German).

Tonight we're having Fetzer's Gewurztraminer with yummy Vietnamese-style ribs and an Asian coleslaw...should be a match made in heaven.

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