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Friday, June 10, 2016

Argentina’s Napa Valley

                                         The breathtaking Andes offer a breathtaking backdrop

Mendoza is the Napa of 30-40 years ago...on the eve of the cusp of change. Like Napa which was once a bucolic, traffic free, agricultural area where a wide variety of crops were grown, Mendoza is now witnessing a plethora of new wineries, and along with them are new foodie restaurants and luxury hotels. During the 1970-80's, Napa's wines were beginning to make their mark on the world by winning prestigious awards around the globe.  This is all transpiring in Mendoza right now.

             Like Napa, there's been a huge influx of capital from around the globe.

Argentina’s version of Napa, Mendoza, is the largest wine region in Latin America.  Located 600 miles west of Buenos Aires, the province is home to >800 wineries.  Wine tourism is growing exponentially as traveling oenophiles discover these great quality/price ratio wines, as well as the charms of this interesting wine area situated at the base of the majestic Andes.

                         Catena Zapata offers a state of the art winery with jaw dropping wines 

Winemakers from the USA, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Chile are flocking to this special spot in Argentina to work their magic.  Like the Napa Valley, Mendoza is quickly becoming a mecca for quality wine, celebrity-chef restaurants, and mesmerizing five-star hotels with all of the bells and whistles.   It’s rapidly changing and the time to see is now....before it becomes a victim of its own success.

                              Cutting edge chefs tantalize with unforgettable meals               

Wine-Knows will be taking a group of travelers to both Argentina and Chile for next year’s harvest in the southern hemisphere, March 2017 and there are still a few seats available on this trip.  For more information about our visit to Argentina’s Napa Valley, check out

Here’s a list of our top 5 fave producers (listed in alpha order) in Mendoza.  Many of these wineries, along with a terrific lineup of other mover-and-shakers, will be visited on next year’s tour:

  • Archaval Ferrer
  • Catena Zapata
  • Fabre Montmayou
  • Familia Zuccardi
  • Vinalba

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