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Friday, March 7, 2014

Croatian Olive Oil Tops International List

Istrian Olive Oil with the area's coveted truffles

Olive oil is a symbol of the Mediterranean so it’s no surprise that Croatia, with a 1,000 mile coastline, garnered top scores among oils from >40 countries.  The only region to out-rank Croatia was Tuscany in Italy.  Nearly 50 brands of extra-virgin olive oil from northern Croatia are rated among the best in the world.  Accolades about Croatian olive oil has also been received from the TV food personality Anthony Bourdain.

But, all of the current hullaballoo about Croatian olive oils is somewhat a mystery to Croatians as they’ve grown up with local olive oils as long as they can remember.  After all, knowledge of olive cultivation and oil processing was brought to Croatia by the ancient Greeks.  In the Roman period, olive oil from the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia was regarded as one of the best in the entire Empire.  So, why all the attention now on something that’s been a given in the area for 2,000 years?

That being said, the current press on the impressive quality of olive oils in Croatia has sparked a flurry of others jumping on the bandwagon.  Once deserted farm land is now being planted with olive groves.  Farms that produced vegetables are also planting olive trees.  Vineyards are now adding olive trees in vacant areas adjacent to the vines.

Coming with us this September to Croatia?  You’ll be visiting one of the top olive oil producers in the country and sampling throughout the 10 day trip a variety of olive oils.  For more information about the trip:

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