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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Fab “Meritage” Cheese

"Meritage" in the wine world signifies a wine made from a blend of grapes, most often Bordeaux varietals.  La Tur is an elegant cheese made from a blend of milk from cows, goats and sheep.  A meritage wine is meant to balance the best of all the varietals.  In the case of La Tur, the combination of the three milks makes for an exquisite product in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This decadent gourmet indulgence comes from Italy’s Piedmont region (home of another gastronomic extravagance, the white truffle).  The operative word for La Tur is luscious. I can think of no other cheese with a more succulent texture.  This one would unquestionably be in my last meal’s cheese course…and that’s saying something as I am an aficionado of fine cheese.

La Tur (made by Caseificio Alta Langa in the same hills where truffles grow) is now fortunately exported to the US.  The company does not accept visitors, however, Wine-Knows Travel has secured an “exception” appointment to tour the factory and watch La Tur’s birthing process.  For more information about this 2012 tour to Piedmont (perfectly timed for the Truffle Festival and the harvest of Barolo), check out the trip at

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  1. This cheese is delicious! If you find it in your local shop, make sure you ask if they carry other Caseificio Alta Langa cheeses, that are also heavenly.