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Friday, July 4, 2014

Paris’ Best Croissant & Baguette

Every year a team of well qualified Parisian gastronomes conduct tastings to determine the best of the best croissants and baguettes.   Under very strict rules (blind tastings, products must be of a precise size & weight, everything must be delivered in un-marked brown bags, etc.), the illustrious team of judges of the Concours du Meilleur nibbles their way through 100’s of entries.  Here are the results of this culinary Grand Prixe:

Best Croissant:   Michel Lyczak’s shop is located in Malakoff (a southern suburb of Paris, reached by the Metro’s line #13).   Sounds like a good reason to make the trek to the burbs, non?    68 rue Paul Vaillant Couturier.

Michel Lyczak palming one of his "babies"

Best Baguette:  Boulangerie Aux Délices du Palais (this is the 1st time that a boulangerie has ever won twice---16 years ago, the award was won by the father of the current baker).  Surprisingly, this family of bakers comes from Portugal.  60 Boulevard Brune, 14th Arrondisement (Metro Vanves). 

                        Anthony Teixeira & his father at Boulangerie Aux Délices du Palais 

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