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Friday, May 9, 2014

Wine---the Only Time You Can’t Be Wrong!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away.  My mother always made me feel that I could do no wrong.   I am not saying that I wasn’t disciplined (as I frequently was!), but mother had a way of making you feel special…even after the spankings.  When you’re contemplating if you like a wine, it should be similar.  You can’t be wrong.   Let me explain.

No one can argue with you about your personal choice.  Let’s take dogs for example.  Could someone possibly convince you that your choice of a poodle was any less “correct” than a collie?  Same with wine.  Your preference for one wine over another is just that…your personal proclivity.  And, you shouldn’t have to defend your preference to anyone.

So why am I going down this road?  I often see folks debating over which wine is best---trying to convince another that the other’s wine choice is less accurate.  The entire point of this article is to amplify that “best” should be only in the eyes of the beholder.  Your personal preferences are just that…personal.  No one should be able to dispute what you prefer.  It’s entirely subjective.

Wine preference is the only time in life that I know of that one cannot be wrong.  And to my very dear mother who is still alive at 94 years of age, I send a very special Mother’s Day toast for giving me the courage at an early age to be able to see that everyone doesn’t have to agree.

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