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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chateau Yquem

Chateau Yquem is difficult to miss.  Sitting magnificently atop the highest knoll in Sauternes, it is surrounded by sloping vineyards on all sides.  Chateau Yuqem is also difficult to pronounce for many.  Most importantly, Chateau Yquem is very difficult to visit (almost impossible during the harvest), but Wine-Knows is thrilled to learn that we have been accepted on a private visit to the chateau this September on our harvest tour of Bordeuax.

Chateau Yquem (proncounced ee-Kem), produces one of the world’s most famous and most expensive wines.  (An 1811 Yquem sold last year for $117,000…that’s $26,000 for the glass…or nearly $2,200 per sip.)  Grapes on the estate are hand-picked, one by one, at the perfect maturity level.  One of Yquem’s many claims to fame is that they make only one glass of wine per vine.  In horrible years (like 1964, `972 and 1974), they made no wine…a nearly unthinkable commitment to quality. 

 Viva La France!

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