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Monday, November 28, 2011

Stilton---The King of Blue Cheese

I am a raving fan of the blues…cheeses that is.  Every year at the this time my mother sends me a wheel of Stilton cheese from England.  Twenty-five years ago “mum” and I visited the premier producer of Stilton, located not far from Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest.  We still reminisce about that glorious day at award-winning Long Clawson Dairy.

Stilton, unlike Roquefort which is made from sheep, is crafted from cow’s milk.  While I adore Roquefort, I’m a Stilton girl all the way.  Stilton is a little higher in fat content, thus, has a more luscious texture.  Roquefort is sharp, whereas Stilton is more subtle.  But the real reason Stilton deserves kingly status is for its complexity.

Long Clawson Dairy, who recently won SUPREME CHAMPION at the International Cheese Awards, will ship its products:   However, if you want to fast track it for the holidays Long Clawson's fabulous cheese can also be ordered through William-Sonoma ($75 for 2 lbs, including tax and shipping).

My fave way to serve the King for Christmas?  A winter salad composed of fuyu persimmons, pomegranates, arugula and toasted walnuts or pecans…dressed with classic vinaigrette.

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